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     “I love that you know this,” Jase says softly. “Hey, is that a shooting star? You can wish on those, right?”
     “An airplane, Jase. See the little red taillight?”
     “Jesus. Okay. So much for not being lame and goofy.”
     I laugh, lean over to kiss his neck. “You can wish on the airplane anyway, though, if you want.”
     “Somehow the thrill is gone,” he says, pulling me close. “Besides, what else would I wish for?

-My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

When the team over at Penguin Teen said that they drooled over Jase Garrett, I had no idea it would be this easy to drool over him. Why do boys in books have to be so perfect? All they do is give girls unrealistic expectations. Guys should be the ones reading these books.